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Vegetarian Advice for Modified "Body for Life" Lifestyle

Any advice for a modified "Body for Life" weight training diet for vegetarians? By "diet" I just mean an eating lifestyle, not a weight loss diet. - H. R.

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Dear H. R.,

I didn't realize at first that you were talking about weight training with 'Body For Life'.

But when I went to their site and read their dietary recommendations, they were similar to those in the SV vegetarian nutrition report, except that I don't recommend meat - not even for athletes and bodybuilders.

In the Body For Life food list, under the protein catagory, I'd add some vegetarian protein which includes all beans and legumes. I notice they have beans under carbohydrates. Although beans have some carbs, they are primarily protein. Eating beans in combination with other foods completes the protein.

Under carbs, I'd expand the list to include other whole grains such as spelt, quinoa, amaranth, rye, corn - each has a unique nutrient profile. Emphasize whole grains in your diet for complete nutrition and complex carbs which give you energy.

For vegetables, include sprouted seeds, legumes and grains. Sprouting increases protein and vitamins. Also include more greens, like kale, collard greens, chard, mixed salad greens, etc. And freshly juiced veggies and fruits. Juicing For Health is a complete juicing information site, covering the health benefits, methods, recipes, juicer pros and cons.

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Eat walnuts, flax oil and ground flax seeds, for Omega 3's, which protect heart health. They're also found in small amounts in olive oil and avocados.

Body For Life recommends six small meals a day. Never having been a body builder, I can't say if that's good or not.

But according to Ayurveda, the largest, most varied meal should be at lunch time, because that's when appetite and digestion are at their peak. Also Ayurvedically, the heaviest work out should be in the morning before 10 am, and lightest in the evening, for good sleep.

Here's some SV Advice to a vegetarian body builder - it gives detailed nutrition advice, and resources which could benefit you too.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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