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Vegetarian Asks: How To Prepare Nutritionally For Hip Surgery

Facing total hip surgery, vegetarian 1 1/2 years. Should I be concerned? How to prepare for surgery nutritionally? Thanks, J.S.

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Dear J.S., Well, I'd be concerned, if I were facing major surgery like that! I assume that there's no alternative for you?

As to preparing nutritionally as a vegetarian, I'm not a nutritionist, so can't get too specific, but here are a few ideas. You'll want to focus on ways to detox, and build your immune system, so you can recover from hip surgery quickly, resist infection, etc.

After hip surgery, you'll want to regenerate muscles and nerves, build strength to support rehab.

I recommend a diet of high quality, fresh, preferably organic food, with plenty of veggies of all colors, fresh fruit, variety of whole grains and vegetarian protein sources - e.g. tofu, beans, nuts.

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There are some books listed in the women and family section of the SV site that will have a lot of good nutritional info for you. Especially take a look at 'Bone Density Diet'

Whether or not you're past menopause, here's a wonderful book, one that every woman should own and use: 'Menopausal Years' by Susun Weed. Try amazon.com for a used copy, or Susun Weed's website

Mineral rich foods teas, and herbal supplements should help too. I also recommend the Maharishi Ayurveda Products - or MAPI, for quality, effectiveness and purity.

Here's the Free SV Report on Vegetarian Nutrition, as well. Best wishes for maximum ease and a quick recovery from surgery.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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