Vegetarian Advice: Beans & Gas Problems

New Vegetarian Has Gas After Eating Beans. Any Feedback?

I am new to this, about a month into a vegetarian diet. I have given up meat, poutry, eggs, dairy. Although I have a little seafood, that is something I think I can do without too. I have switched over to a mostly organic diet as well.

I do feel better, I just have one issue, that is not addressed in the becoming vegan books that I've been reading. I find that when I eat beans or even a veggie burger I am extremely gassy.

I work in a doctors office and after lunch has lead to some embarassing situations. Do you have any advice about this? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. - K.C.

Savvy Vegetarian Advice:

Dear K. C.,

I've attached the SV Bean Report for you - that should give you a lot of helpful info about cooking and eating beans, and making the transition to a bean based vegetarian diet.

I've always found veggie burgers gassy, I think it's the combo of TVP (soy isolate), garlic, onions and whatever food additives might be in there. I try mostly to eat bean dishes that I produce in my own kitchen - not always possible, I know.

But we do have some tasty veggie burger recipes that you can make in quantity and freeze, cooked or uncooked, to make a quick take-along-meal. Once of my favorites is Tofu Burgers. Black Bean Burgers are good too.

If you must eat out for lunch, you'll encounter all of the worst gas producing bean productions in the land. When I worked outside my home, and commuted or travelled, I brought my own food as much as possible. There was always a microwave around somewhere.

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When I eat out, I favor ethnic restaurants, Indian, Italian, Chinese, or Thai - they seem to be best for the vegetarian bean and gas problem.

Savvy Vegetarian has some good bean recipes, and here's a list of SV recommended cookbooks

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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