Good Visit With Meat Eating Parents

"With a positive mind set, I was able to show how happy I am"

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Happy Multi-Generational Family

Hi, I hope you remember me, I'm the vegan girl that was having her meat eating parents come visit and wanted to know what I could do to avoid conflict between our eating habits. Well the visit has come and gone with some pretty good results.

Before they made the trip across the country I let my parents know how serious I am about my vegan lifestyle. I told them that there will not be meat, milk, cheese, or any other such items in my kitchen which basically put the ball in their court.

By giving them a heads up, my father (who was easier for me to talk to about this) had time to give a well reasoned response. He said "All I ask is that you provide for us as much as you can."

This softened my heart quite a bit, and it also let me know they were willing to accept anything I could provide. So, I went to the store and purchased some chicken, cheese slices, and a small carton of milk. I felt all right purchasing these items because I knew it would not waste in my kitchen, and sure enough, my family was kind enough to eat it all.

When it came to cooking the products, I asked my mom to help with the chicken. Even though I may have acted like a freak to her, she didn't say anything and I cherished the opportunity to spend time with her.

Overall, I just keep remembering how much I enjoyed their stay. If I could say only one thing about this experience, it's that keeping a positive mind set helps tremendously. When I thought positive, I was able to show them how happy I am as well as the plethera of good food I've been exposed to.

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Thanks for your help and I hope you can use what I've written to help other vegans who are faced with the same conflict.

Peace! Vegan Girl

Savvy Vegetarian Comment:

Thank you so much for your update. It's good to hear a positive outcome from my advice! I often have no idea how it was received, whether it was useful etc.

I'm glad that the visit went so well, and that you and your parents had no stress over the food issue. I loved your comment about keeping a positive mind set, and also about softening your heart. Those together ensured your success. I'll certainly pass your experience along to others.

Read the original advice letter: Vegan Stressed Over Parents Visit

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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