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Question: My daughter, 17, has gone vegetarian - which I totally support. What changes can we expect? It's been about 2 months now. - S. E.

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Dear S. E., What you can expect depends on what she's eating. If your daughter is eating plenty of fresh fruits, veg, whole grains & legumes, and not much fast food, junk food, sugar etc, and if she's getting enough calories and protein, she could become healthier.

Have you noticed any changes, good or not, since she adopted a vegetarian diet? Do you think that her nutrition is adequate? Is there anything about her diet that concerns you? Any food allergies or sensitivities suspected?

A visit to the doctor for some blood tests will show up any nutritional deficiencies or allergies - and give you some peace of mind.

At 17, your daughter likely is still growing and developing physically, so good nutrition is especially important. You requested the free report on vegetarian etiquette, and I'm adding two others: 10 Tips for Beginning Vegetarians, and Vegetarian Nutrition. Those will help make things more clear for all of you, and set your mind at ease, I hope.

I also recommend you both read The New Becoming Vegetarian, or Becoming Vegan both by Melina and Davia.

I'm glad you support your daughter in going vegetarian! It's hard for teens to make a change like that if their parents aren't supportive.

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Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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