How to Start A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian protein, benefits of juicing, vegetarian cookbooks, etc

I started juicing vegetables and fruit a month ago. I also have been on a colon cleanse as well as parasite cleanse. I haven't had meat for the last three months and don't intend to ever eat meat again.

I want to be as healthy a vegetarian as I can be. Where do I start as far as making sure I have the proper diet, vegetarian protein, nutrients, etc in my vegetarian diet.

What vegetarian cookbooks or recipe books shall I get....and I am about to invest in another juicer. What one would you highly recommend? I have a champion juicer right now. Thank you so much - M.M.

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Dear M.M.,

My approach to vegetarian diet is pretty conventional, including cooked as well as raw fruits and vegetables, sprouts, cooked whole grains and beans. My goal is to get maximum vegetarian variety and nutrition with least effort and expense.

An excellent general vegetarian nutrition guide which I recommend: The New Becoming Vegetarian, by Vesanto Melina, which I mention in the SV Nutrition Report.

For cookbooks, see Savvy Vegetarian's favorite cookbooks and cookbook reviews. Look for a cookbook that's written by a very experienced professional vegetarian cook, with lots of nutrition, ingredient and cooking info, as well as a broad variety of vegetarian recipes that appeal to your dietary preferences. Go to a bookstore and spend time looking through them before you decide.

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Juicing can be an important part of a healthy vegetarian diet. Personally, I find there's a lot of advantages to including the fiber with my food - it helps my digestion, gives my jaw a workout, and causes me to sit at the table with my family and talk and eat instead of working. I also find vegetarian cooking creative and aesthetically pleasing.

Re finding the right juicer: I have a champion juicer which someone gave me - it's slow and noisy, but effective. It's also very heavy. I'd replace it if juicing were a high priority for me. The Juicer Buying Guide, Health Benefits of Juicing might help you in your quest for the perfect juicer.

Here's a juicer blog forum. And the juicer article they recommend. I just came across this great juicing site, crammed with advice, info and resources about the benefits of juicing.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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