Carob Valentine's Day Candy

Where to find nice carob Valentine's Day candy - not cheap kid stuff

I would like to buy Valentine's Day chocolate for a woman, but she cannot digest chocolate. I know she uses carob chips as a substitute for chocolate chips and likes them, but I cannot find any carob based Valentine's Day candy.

Where can I find nice Valentine's Day candy (not cheap kid's stuff) that isn't chocolate based? Does carob Valentine's Day candy exist? Thanks! - M.A.

Savvy Vegetarian Advice: Carob Valentine's Day Candy exists!

Dear M.A.

First, try a natural food store - maybe call around to see if they have carob valentine candy or valentines day gift baskets including carob candy.

I looked online and found a few sites selling carob candy and carob chips:

Goddess Chocolate Bulk Foods Natural Candy Store

Consider Other Valentines Day Ideas:

Take her out for dinner, restaurant of her choice.

Give her a beautiful card and roses Be aware that the flower industry is extremely non-fair trade, and uses more toxic chemicals than any other agricultural industry. But sometimes you can find organically grown flowers.

Maybe get her a gift, or gift certificate instead of the roses, or an organic fruit basket instead of candy.

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Bake her a carob cake, if you're handy in the kitchen. If not, hire someone who is. SV's Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake was submitted to us as a carob cake recipe, so it should work well if you substitute carob for chocolate. Hint: Buy a heart shaped cake pan.

Tell her how you feel about her - that's the best Valentine's gift of all!

Happy Valentine's Day! Judith Kingsbury

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