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Would-be vegan needs beginner cookbooks for quick easy meals. Her family isn’t helpful with her vegan diet.

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Hi! I am very much wanting to become a vegan, but need some good advice on cookbooks. For beginners and for quick and easy meals. The rest of my family refuses my ways. So the easier the better – T.C.

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I’m sorry your family won’t support your vegan diet, but on the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to learn to cook!

There are many excellent cookbooks listed in Savvy Vegetarian’s Favorite Cookbooks. Two we like are Robin Robertson’s Quick Fix Vegan, and Nava Atlas’s Vegan Express” – both by experienced and popular cookbook authors.

Another fun quick & easy vegan cookbook is the 30 Minute Vegan. Your family will love these recipes, and never miss the meat.

While you’re buying one of those cookbooks, pick up a copy of the vegan nutrition bible, Becoming Vegan by vegan RDs Melina and Davis – so you get the whole nutrition thing down, and your family won’t nag you about your vegan diet causing malnutrition.
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Also, check out Savvy Veg’s quick easy recipes.

There are challenges in learning how to cook your own vegan food: Changing how you think about food, and then changing your food habits, followed by organizing your kitchen and pantry to support all that different food activity.

It takes a while to make all those changes, so be patient, persistent, and read these helpful articles:
10 Tips for Quick Easy Healthy Veg Cooking
Home Cooked Fast Foods

I’ll bet that pretty soon, those who refuse your vegan ways will want to share your yummy vegan food! Be nice.

Judith Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian

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