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Vegetables Get The Royal Treatment by Jill Nussinow, MS, RD

Veggie Queen Pressure Cooker Ebook

Jill Nussinow is The Veggie Queen because she is knowledgable, eloquent, and passionate about vegetables. Her seasonal recipes are creative, colorful, tasty, fresh - and of course, healthy. She haunts farmers markets, and is well known to all her local veggie vendors. Vegetables are her life!

Vegetables Get The Royal Treatment is much more than a vegan cookbook. It's an essential cookbook that every cook should have, whether vegetarian or not. It's a slim volume, not heavy to lift, won't take up much room, with just a hundred or so recipes. But what recipes!

'The Veggie Queen' recipes span the four seasons, as well as 'anytime', and includes soup recipes, salad recipes, appetizer recipes, sauces, dips, main and side dishes, all focusing on vegetables.

On every page, there's a recipe I've never seen before & never thought of, which sounds mouth wateringly delicious, yet is straightforward and easy, and I can't wait to make.

Even the humble veggie burger gets the royal treatment from The Veggie Queen!

I've restrained myself, and published just two of my favorite Royal Recipes, to entice you:

Seasonal Sweet and Sour Veggie Stir Fry is a quick easy meal that you can make almost every day, because it's always a different recipe, just by changing the veggies or the optional additions, or serving it with a different grain or noodle. Jill's stir fry method is quick and easy, too.

Winter Squash Enchiladas is an easy gourmet recipe that will be appreciated by discriminating eaters of all ages.

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In addition to being The Veggie Queen Jill Nussinow is a pressure cooking crusader. Her Pressure Cooking DVD demonstrates how ridiculously fast & easy it is to use a pressure cooker, and she has a pressure cooker recipe section in this cookbook.

Jill includes lots of great info about choosing & using a pressure cooker, and her recipes demonstrate that it's possible to have a gourmet meal on the table from scratch in minutes - several times a day! Personally, I consider the pressure cooker a miraculous invention, essential for vegetarian cooking, especially if you're pressed for time - and who isn't?

Jill Nussinow says, 'Face it, most of us are at least a little reluctant to try new things, especially those that are green (as many vegetables are) ... I have written this book for those of you who are not as brave as I am so that you'll have someone you can trust to lead you through the wonderful world of vegetables. Please become part of my 'queendom', also known as the vegetable kingdom, where there are many treasures and jewels to discover. Lettuce begin'.

Lead On Veggie Queen!

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