Thanksgiving Menus for Vegans|Vegetarian

How to build a vegan or vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu, traditional or lite

Traditional Vegan Holiday Meal

Mention 'Turkey Day' and anyone in the U.S. or Canada knows you mean Thanksgiving.

What can vegans or vegetarians eat on a holiday that is so firmly tied to turkey? And what do you do when you're celebrating Thanksgiving with people ranging from carnivore to vegan?

Consult the following menu suggestions, and the Savvy Veg Holiday Recipe Index for recipes so delicious that eaters of all persuasions will be coming back for seconds.

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving away from home, volunteer to bring a few dishes. You'll know for sure there will be something you can eat, plus you'll get a reputation for being really helpful and a great cook.

If you're the host and your non-veg guests are adamant about eating turkey, ask one of them to prepare a turkey and bring it, or buy one already prepared from a grocery store or caterer.

Word to the Wise: Don't try to convert anybody to a vegetarian diet on Thanksgiving. It may just create bad feelings and spoil the celebration.

We hope these Thanksgiving menus, along with our holiday recipes, will help you enjoy a very special vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Lite Menu (Vegan)

Our light Thanksgiving menu has traditional overtones, plenty of variety, all the colors & flavors needed to make anybody happy.

This low fat vegan menu will give you a feeling of abundance, and fill you up nicely. But it won't leave you feeling like you should fast for a week.

The best part is that these are quick & easy recipes, so you don't have to spend all day in the kitchen!

Our poached pear dessert recipe is ideal if you want to go just a little overboard on Thanksgiving!

I've read that a typical Thanksgiving meal averages 4000 calories per person No, I'm not making that up! If you have 1 serving of everything on our Thanksgiving Lite menu, calories will be under 900. To reduce calories and carbs a lot more, take 1/2 portions of rice, squash and dessert (approx 1/4 cup). Skip or substitute for the rolls and bread. Serving sizes and nutrition data are given for each individual recipe on this menu.

Total Estimated Nutrition Data for the meal, including 1 serving of each menu item: 889 calories, 151 g carbohydrate (43% RDV), 16 g fat (14% RDV), 1290 mg sodium (50% RDV), 14 g dietary fiber (63% RDV), 34 g protein. Estimated glycemic load: 81. This menu is very low in saturated fat & cholesterol, a good source of Vit. A, Vit. C, Vit. B6, Vit. K, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium & manganese, dietary fiber & folate.


Low Fat Spicy Bean Dip Toasted French Bread


Raw Veggies

Main Dish

Side Dishes

Baked Butternut Squash Baked Cranberry Orange Sauce Basmati Rice Chickpea Gravy Creamy Cauliflower Dressing Dinner Rolls Spinach Salad

Desserts & Drinks

Poached Pears

Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea, Sparkling Mineral Water

Traditional Thanksgiving Menu

  • Many choices
  • Ovo-lacto-veg options
  • No calorie restrictions
  • Most of the recipes serve 4 - 6

Depending on how many people are eating, choose 2-4 appetizers, 1-2 main dishes, 2-4 side dishes, 1-3 drinks, and 1-3 desserts for your menu. Double or triple the recipes to feed more people.

Many hands make light work, so if you're hosting, don't get stressed out trying to make everything yourself.

Have your guests bring an assigned dish, or something that will fit your menu.

Or gather friends & family, put on some music, and have a Thanksgiving cook-fest.


Bean Dip Hummus Toasted French Bread Vegan Sour Cream Dip Vegan Spinach Dip

Chips, Crackers, Nuts, Olives, Pickles

Raw Veggies

Your Favorite Cheeses (Dairy or Not)


Hot Spiced Apple Cider

Chai, Coffee, Tea, or Herbal Tea

Wine, Juice or Sparkling Juice

Main Dishes

Nut Loaf In Pastry Classic Lentil Loaf Baked Tofu with Tahini

Side Dishes

Basmati Rice Cashew Gravy Cornbread Cranberry Sauce Dinner Rolls Green Salad Mashed Potatoes Squash Pecan Casserole Vegan Stuffing Veggies In Creamy Almond Sauce


Apple Pie Cashew Cream Dessert Topping Coconut Whipped Cream Olivia's Pumpkin Cheesecake Traditional Pumpkin Pie Serious Chocolate Chip Cookies Vegan Coconut Macaroons Vegan Lemon Bars Vegan Pumpkin Pie

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