The Vegetarian Solution

The Answer to Cancer, Heart Disease, Global Warming, Animal Welfare

The Vegetarian Solution

By Stewart Rose, VP Vegetarians of Washington

The Vegetarian Solution explains why a vegetarian diet is best for our health, the environment, global warming, animal welfare, and our souls.

Many such books make us feel guilty and afraid, but The Vegetarian Solution is a friendly, compassionate, upbeat, quietly persuasive book about the many reasons for going vegetarian.

Stewart Rose includes all the necessary facts & figures about vegetarian diet, health, global warming, the environment, and animal agriculture, complete with charts and illustrations.

He eases us into all of the above with his feel-good first chapter, explaining how natural, healthy, easy, tasty and popular it is to be a vegetarian. The second chapter tells the new vegetarian how to do it right. Chapters 3 and 4 get into the health aspects of vegetarian diet.

Only when his readers are nicely converted, does the author hit them with the harsh environmental and social realities of our heavy meat consumption.

Global hunger, global warming, and animal suffering are covered in the briefest, kindest, sweetest possible way. While getting the message across, Stewart Rose gently emphasises the positive, supporting the tender new commitment to a vegetarian diet.

Finally, The Vegetarian Solution links food and faith, weaving the spiritual thread of vegetarian diet through the history of all faiths, giving the whole veg vs non-veg controversy to God. Not many people could argue with that.

When I first skimmed through Stewart Rose's book, I mistakenly thought that it was a bit simplistic. Now, after reading it thoroughly, I think that The Vegetarian Solution is a quiet masterpiece. I recommend it for anyone who's new to the idea of vegetarian diet.

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