Vegan Planet Cookbook, by Robin Robertson

425 Irresistible Recipes, Fantastic Flavors from Home & the World

Vegan Planet Cookbook

Right! Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson goes on our exclusive list of favorite cookbooks in the all purpose section.

In other words, we think that Vegan Planet is one of those cookbooks that every vegan (or vegetarian) should own.

Why? Aren't there a million vegan cookbooks already?

Well yes. But never mind that. If you can only buy one vegan cookbook, let it be this one, because ...

Vegan Planet is concise. There aren't 1500 recipes to add to your confusion - just the 425 that you really need.

Vegan Planet teaches you how to cook. There are so many basic recipes, cooking tips and nutrition tid-bits, the recipe directions are so thorough and complete, that it's easy to come up with your own variations.

Plus those tips and tricks are mainly scattered throughout the book, in context, so you can easily find and remember them.

Robin Robertson, as always, is well aware of the limitations faced by vegans cooking in the real world - like sourcing ingredients, finding money to buy them, and making time to cook.

In her own words, "In developing the recipes, it was important to me that they be accessible to everyone."

Most of her recipes call for ingredients you can easily find at your local ordinary grocery store. And if not, substitutions are often suggested.

Curried Lentils with Carrots and Peas

Robin's recipes are straightforward, easy to follow, mostly short. The recipes are flexible enough that you can leave out ingredients and they'll still work great. When there is a longer list of ingredients, they are mostly seasonings.

When the recipes are longer, she makes it worth your while. The wonderful recipe I chose as a sample, Curried Lentils with Carrots and Peas, has 17 ingredients, 10 of them are seasonings, and it was easy to make.

Robin Robertson knows her ingredients, knows her seasonings, and knows the value of umami. Which means that besides being easy, her recipes are tasty, interesting, and varied.

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While you can cook from Vegan Planet without busting your butt or your budget, there is never any question of being deprived.

Satisfaction, comfort, abundance, great taste, fun and adventure are words that Robin Robertson cooks by.

That makes this cookbook perfect for those transitioning to a vegan diet, and worried about having to give up their favorite foods, the ones that make life worth living. There they are in Vegan Planet!

Potato Salad, Chili, Shepherd's Pie, Stuffed Peppers, Pizza, Mac'n'Cheez, Reubens, Fajitas, Wraps, Burgers, Cheesecake, Brownies, Choc Chip Cookies etc etc etc.

And when you get tired of the same old, take a trip with Robin. Explore the Vegan Planet with Panzanella, Fatoush, Three Fruit Chutney, Grilled Radicchio and Fennel, Cajun Style Collards, Pad Thai, Tuscan White Beans, Mushroom Stroganoff etc etc etc.

Highly recommended!

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