Valentine's Day Menu Ideas

Romantic Recipes For Valentines Day Dinner

Valentines Dinner

If you want to enjoy intimate dining à deux with your own special valentine, a romantic idea for Valentine's Day is to cook a delicious meal for your sweetie or even better, cook it together - and if you nibble on each other as well as the food, well who can blame you?

Here are some Valentine's Day menu ideas for a light meal followed by a decadent dessert that will leave you in the mood for love.

Valentine's Dinner Menu:

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms while normally served as an appetizer or side dish, this Portobello mushroom recipe becomes a light entrée when the portions are doubled. Use GF bread cubes for a gluten-free meal.

Option #1: Cream of Broccoli Soup Make 1/2 of this cream of broccoli soup recipe and you will have just enough for two! We suggest using a store bought broth to save time.

Option #2: Green Salad Get fancy with our basic green salad recipe, and create individual-sized salads, layering salad greens and toppings. Serve with your favorite dressing or try one of Savvy Vegetarian's great salad dressing recipes.

French Bread or Dinner Rolls: We do have a French bread recipe, and a dinner roll recipe, on Savvy Vegetarian, but to save time and keep the romance in your soul, we suggest buying a nice crunchy baguette from your favorite grocery store. Either buy ahead or bake and freeze, or pick up a loaf just before the dinner.

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Raw Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake: Here's the reason why the rest of the meal should be light! Make the mini-cheesecake variation of this raw chocolate cheesecake recipe and bring your meal to a sweet conclusion by sharing one small cheesecake between the two of you!

Putting the Meal Together:

You don't want to end up frazzled in the kitchen working hard to put a meal on the table on what is supposed to be a romantic and enjoyable night.

Do most of the work ahead of time to be sure that you are feeling happy and relaxed during your meal. And that you have more time to lavish on making yourself beautiful and creating a romantic atmosphere.

Three days before Valentine's Day: Make your shopping list and buy all your ingredients. The French bread can be frozen to keep it fresh. Soak the hazelnuts for the Raw Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake crust.

Two days ahead: Make and freeze the cheesecake crust. Soak the cashews for the cheesecake filling.

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One day ahead: Make the Raw Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake filling and assemble the cake, freeze.

The night before: If you chose the soup option: Wash and chop broccoli for soup. Set table. Prep vegetables and bread crumbs for the Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms.

The morning before your meal: If you chose the salad option: Assemble your salads (except for anything that will brown, like avocado or apple) and cover them tightly with plastic wrap.

1 hour before your meal: Remove mini cheesecake from freezer and plate, then set aside to be served for dessert. Remove the French bread and thaw if you've frozen it. Make salad dressing if you're doing a homemade dressing. Add the final touches to your place settings.

45 minutes before your meal: Steam broccoli and finish making the soup. Assemble the stuffed Portobello mushrooms.

15 minutes before your meal: Add final toppings to the salads. Broil stuffed mushrooms. Warm the French bread or rolls and place them in a basket or bowl wrapped in a napkin to keep warm.

Serve and enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day Dinner!

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