Review: The Raw Food Revolution Diet

Raw food diet weight loss + raw vegan recipes - another diet fad?

Raw Food Revolution Diet

The Raw Food Revolution Diet by Cherie Soria, with vegan dietitians Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, is a raw food diet weight loss guide, with raw vegan recipes.

The first half of the book is a carefully constructed inspirational guide to the nuts and - er - seeds of a raw foods diet, and the second half - scrumptious raw food recipes!

The preface lays out the many benefits of the raw food revolution diet, and tells how to use this book to revolutionize your life.

The introduction tells the authors' inspiring raw vegan diet success stories.

Chapter One urges us to "take the first step toward vibrant living". It tells how to get into the right state of mind for losing weight. It explains body type, body mass index, raw food diet standards, and debunks the myth of food combining.

Chapter One also gives a preview of how The Raw Food Revolution Diet can help you lose weight.

Chapter Two tells how to "achieve permanent weight loss with the Raw Food Revolution Diet". It's thorough, sensible, and impressive - how to decide which raw food diet plan to adopt, everything you should do to prepare for a raw diet, rules and tips for success, the top ten enemies and allies of a healthy diet.

Chapter Three, "getting the nutrients you need", is all about raw food nutrition, with pages of handy charts. For me, this was one of the best features of of the book.

Chapter Four covers the food and equipment you'll need for your raw food diet, how to buy it, store it, use it.

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A high speed blender and a dehydrator seem to be essential equipment. The authors recommend that you clean out your kitchen and replace your favorite bad foods with healthful alternatives which will become your new favorite foods.

Chapter Five has "menus to nourish your body and please your palette", six different menus which illustrate how to use the raw food recipes which follow in the second half of the book.

The raw food recipes represent the full scope of raw food possibilities. They are well laid out, easy to understand and to make, and familiar enough to relieve any lingering anxieties.

I love Cashew Mayonnaise, which is simple to make, and much tastier than "real" mayonnaise.

I made my own version of the raw pesto sauce - it was a huge hit! Both raw food recipes go well with either raw or cooked foods.

Cashew Mayonnaise Cashew Mayonnaise
Raw Basil Walnut Pesto Raw Basil Walnut Pesto

The Downside of the Raw Food Revolution Diet

This is an excellent raw diet book, well-written, thorough, and factual. I have great respect for Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis, and recommend their books - Becoming Raw, The New Becoming Vegetarian & Becoming Vegan. Cherie Soria's Living Light Culinary Arts Institute is world-renowned, and I'd love to go there.

But, the word "revolution" always makes me wary, when it comes to diet, especially a raw vegan diet. So do the words "inspiring" and "inspirational", which I used in paragraphs 2 & 3 above. We all know that revolution leads to counter-revolution, and the opposite of inspiration is desperation.

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Jumping into a radically different raw vegan diet with both feet, investing in expensive equipment, buying all new and unfamiliar food, going on a 21 day 100% raw vegan diet - all that reminds me of every other weight loss program that has come and gone. Chances are, at the end of the Fast Track Raw Weight Loss Diet, you'll be wanting your old foods back, and the expensive Vitamix and dehydrator will end up at the back of the closet with the stair master.

Eating more raw food, going vegan, drinking lots of pure water, getting fresh air, sunshine and exercise, changing your mental and emotional habits, are all positive lifestyle changes which have been proven to help people lose weight. To be fair, the book talks about all of the above as part of their raw food diet program.

But the thing is, you have to do those things for the rest of your life if you want to maintain a healthy weight. The trouble with diets is that they always end, and then what? I'm afraid that for most people, The Raw Food Revolution Diet will prove to be yet another weight loss fad diet.

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I firmly believe that change must be gradual to become permanent. So, I advise reading the book, maybe twice. Then take the first steps in Chapter One. Try some of the recipes (the ones you can make without a VitaMix and a dehydrator), and ease into raw food for a while. Don't allow yourself to be pushed or rushed.

Go raw as much as you find comfortable, for your health and well-being, with weight loss as a side benefit. Just be sure that raw is something you want to do long term, and save up for the food and equipment, before you jump on the Raw Food Fast Track.

I recommend The Raw Food Revolution Diet for all the sound information about raw food diet, the fabulous recipes, and the remarkable health benefits of a raw vegan diet.

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