Quick Fix Vegan Cookbook Review

Healthy homestyle meals in 30 minutes or less, by Robin Robertson

Quick Fix Vegan

Quick Fix Vegan, Healthy Homestyle Meals in 30 Minutes or Less, by Robin Robertson, is NOT a re-write of her previous cookbook, Quick Fix Vegetarian. It's a brand new cookbook, with all new recipes.

In Quick Fix Vegetarian, in spite of the name, there isn't a drop of dairy or egg - the recipes are also all vegan. So I'm glad I have both cookbooks.

Like its older sister, Quick Fix Vegan has practical vegan cooking basics, kitchen tips, time saving strategies, menu planning. Some things are the same (why re-invent the wheel?), but lots of new info too.

The basic recipes are different too. Quick Fix Vegetarian and Quick Fix Vegan have similar vegetable broth recipes in the basic recipe section (less sodium in the new version), and pie dough.

The new basic recipe section leaves out pesto, mushroom gravy and tapenade, but keeps roasted bell peppers and toasted nuts, and adds pizza dough. Yes!

Something else new in Quick Fix Vegan's basic recipes: An excellent recipe for seitan!

I tested the seitan recipe, and it met my criteria for successful seitan - extremely easy, very tasty, and not excessively chewy. I was excited about that, because I've tried making seitan before with discouraging results.

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Quick Fix Vegetarian has a slow cooker recipe section, while in Quick Fix Vegan, the slowcooker isn't mentioned as a kitchen tool, and is used in just a few recipes. Maybe because Robin was being stricter about the 30 minute rule, or maybe because she already has a slow cooker cookbook, "Fresh From The Vegetarian Slow Cooker", published in 2004.

Quick Fix Vegan focuses instead on Stove Top Suppers, which is my favorite kind of quick meal. Korean Hot Pot sounds wonderful as an easy company meal, and I would definitely want to make the Asian Vegetable Pancakes to go with it. That's a recipe that would be easy to make gluten free.

I also appreciated the quick and easy desserts. I like sweet treats as much as anybody (maybe more than most), but I'm saved by not having time to make them. Now I have no such excuse. Crispy Chocolate Trail Mix Squares, and Stovetop Fruit Crisp are calling my name and I'm calling them back! Harvest Cookies look fantastic too! Not overly sweet, and also easily gluten free.

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As in the previous book, the recipes in Quick Fix Vegan give serving suggestions and amounts, but no nutritional info or calorie counts, although the recipes are obviously healthy and delicious. Not to mention simple and easy.

Getting back to Quick Fix Vegan's super-easy-tasty seitan, I've posted the seitan as a sample recipe, because everybody should know how to make great seitan. And this is one of the recipes with a slowcooker option.

Seitan Donburi with Unagi Sauce

Of course after I made the seitan I had to use it in a recipe. It was hard to choose from the TEN seitan recipes in Quick Fix Vegan, but Seitan Donburi with Unagi Sauce sounded so intriguing!

It turned out to be a simple Japanese inspired dish of fried seitan with a sweet and sour sauce served over rice. Unbelievably delicious! All the tasters couldn't stop eating it.

Mac n Cheezburger Bake is another Quick Fix seitan recipe I plan to make soon.

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