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GMO = Genetically Modified Organisms, GE = Genetic Engineering

"If you look at the simple principle of genetic modification it spells ecological disaster. There are no ways of quantifying the risks... The solution is simply to ban the use of genetic modification in food."

Above quote from Dr. Harash Narang, microbiologist and senior research associate at the University of Leeds, who originally pointed to the possible link between mad cow disease (BSE) and CJD in humans

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Alliance for Bio-Integrity: Great article by Stephen Druker exposing the hoax that GE food is safe.

Organic Consumers Association I searched on GMO articles at the OCA site and came up with 411 results. Enjoy!

Non-GMO Report - Link to Over 30 Articles on Non-GMO

'Seeds of Doubt', a series of five excellent articles on GE foods and the biotech industry, from staff writers at the Sacramento Bee.

Sierra Club's Genetic Engineering Main Page - Many Articles on GE and the biotech industry

Savvy Vegetarian - GE Articles and Reviews: Why Savvy Veg is against GE and GMO foods


Savvy Vegetarian Facebook Page

Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health, by Ken Roseboro, a thoughtful, complete, and clear explanation of Genetically Engineered foods, the dangers, and what we can do to fight back against their taking over our food supply. Ken is the editor of Non-Gmo Report, and you can email him to buy his short, readable, and excellent book.

Seeds of Deception, by Jeffrey M. Smith, a detailed, passionate, shocking expose of the worldwide GMO hoax. See the Seeds of Deception Review in SV News. Visit Seeds of Deception, subscribe to his monthly newsletter, and buy his book.

Non-GMO Links:

Bio-Integrity: Why concerns about health risks of genetically engineered food are scientifically justified.

Green Peace Green Peace has massive amounts of information on the world wide fight against GE. Find out which foods are GMO free

NonGMO Project: Many, many articles, resources, links etc for consumers to carry the fight against GMO to the grocery stores.

Non-Gmo Report: Featuring information and resources to help food producers capitalize on opportunities in the non-GMO niche market. This should also be of interest to the general public. Although this isn't a free newsletter, there is a free sample issue and free articles.

The True Food Network's Shoppers Guide to Avoiding GMOs. Download as a mobile app or printable pdf for valuable information on common GE ingredients, brands to look for, and look out for, and common sense tips for avoiding gmos in your food.

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