Video: How to Cook Black Beans

Cook black beans in slow cooker or pressure cooker to get rid of toxin

Video Transcript:

Yesterday I made black beans in my crockpot.

Now you would think that was no big deal - just throw them in the crockpot, add some water, turn it on low and cook 'em.

But the thing about black beans is that they have a toxin called phytohennagglutenin, which can make you sick if you get enough of it.

So for safety's sake, what you're supposed to do is soak your black beans overnight, bring them to a boil, skim off the foam, and boil them for 10 minutes before you put them in the crockpot (to get rid of the toxin).

That's what I did with my black beans in the crockpot yesterday, and they only took about 3 hours to cook that way.

Now I've cooked black beans in the slow cooker, today i'm going to cook black beans in my pressure cooker.

Now with this method, you don't have to bring the beans to a boil, then boil them for 10 minutes.

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You do need to bring the beans to a boil and skim the foam.

I'm going to cook 1 cup of black beans that have been soaked for 12 hours, add those to my pressure cooker, then i'm going to add a piece of kombu seaweed, also known as kelp.

What that does is it adds a little salt, a lot of vitamins and minerals, and it also helps to prevent gas.

The other thing I'm going to add is a little bit of salt. Now i know that you are not supposed to add salt to beans because supposedly it makes them tough, but that's actually not true.

What it does is prevent the beans from splitting and blowing apart when you cook them. You might have to cook them a little longer, but they will still get tender.

Add water just to cover the beans, bring to a boil, and skim the foam. Then put the lid on, lock it down, turn it to high pressure, and wait for the pressure indicator to come up. Set a timer for 6 minutes.

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When the timer goes off, turn off the burner and let the pressure come down naturally.

Open the lid and see if the beans are all cooked. If not, cook under pressure for another 2 - 3 minutes.

So that was black beans cooked in the pressure cooker after 12 hours of soaking, with a piece of kombu seaweed and about 1/4 teaspoon of salt - and no phytohennagglutenin.

I put black beans into small containers with the bean cooking liquid (and freeze them). Then I have black beans to use for whatever (and whenever) I want.

Make refried beans, black bean quesadillas, black bean soup, quinoa black bean salad. On and on! Yay black beans!

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