Carbophobia: Dr. Michael Greger is On a Mission

Exposé: The Scary Truth About America's Low-Carb Diet Craze


'Carbophobia, The Scary Truth About America's Low-Carbohydrate Diet Craze' is an exposé of the wide spread low-carbohydrate diet craze led by Dr. Atkins.

Author Dr. Michael Greger is a crusader who writes and speaks expertly and eloquently about plant-based nutrition.

In his introduction Michael Greger says, "A 2003 review of low carb 'theories' in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition concluded that 'Carbophobia is a form of nutritional misinformation infused into the American psyche through ... advertising ... infomercials ... and best-selling diet books.'"

"By countering this misinformation with scientific fact, I hope to give the public the tools with which to make up their own minds."

In Carbophobia, Dr. Greger's mission is to bring down the Atkins Diet Empire. I guess you could say he succeeded, since the Atkins diet has been thoroughly discredited by himself and dozens of other sane nutrition experts.

The Atkins Corporation wrote a letter to Michael Greger threatening to sue him for defamation. His response was to publish the letter and his rebuttal on Atkins Exposed. As he says, 'Thankfully, under law, the truth is considered an absolute defense against defamation.'

Carbophobia made complete sense to me. In fact, it was preaching to the choir. What I'd like to see now is something to counter the low-carbohydrate diet myths, a book about why and how people should eat carbohydrates for good health and weight loss.

Although most nutritionists agree that carbohydrates are a Good Thing, and carbohydrate info is out there in bits and pieces, it should be all together in one widely distributed book or article.

How about it, Dr. Greger?

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