The Food Revolution, by John Robbins

What We Eat in America: A Persuasive Argument For Vegetarian Diet To Save Planet Earth

The Food Revolution

'The Food Revolution' is about what we eat, how it gets to our plates, and what that's doing to us and to planet Earth. It exposes the lies that the American public accepts without question.

I'm vegetarian because that's my ideal diet. I don't think most Americans are ready to go veg. But, I do think that if most Americans cut their meat consumption by 50 - 75%, and treated animals humanely on the way to killing and eating them, I think that would be a great start to saving planet Earth.

John Robbins says he doesn't care if the reader's diet is politically correct. But in his own life, he seems to be an all or nothing kind of guy. He lives his ideals, and hopes that we all will share them and do the same. That's why this book is so inspiring.


I was aware of everything in "The Food Revolution", but John Robbins puts all that knowledge in a holistic context, "How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life And Our World". That crystallized my focus, as nothing else has. This is a 'must read', for anybody.

'Food Revolution' is well-researched and thoroughly documented, the message is profound, plus it's a page turner. John Robbins is a clear, personal, and entertaining writer. He speaks with insight, wit, compassion and hope about rather depressing subjects. I liked the "Is That So?" boxes with quotes from opposite realities, and the "What We Know" topic summaries. They break up and lighten the relentless content, as do the catchy chapter headings, and many personal anecdotes.

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Among those who should read and heed "The Food Revolution" are the majority of Americans, whose lifestyle supports factory farming. Until they wake up, see what's going on, and care enough to change, conditions described in this book will continue.

If you're reading this, don't wait for the movie. Run out and buy John Robbin's book, and read the whole thing. Then tell ten other people about it. Let's see if word-of-mouth can cause a revolution - in the form of a large scale transition to a vegetarian diet.

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