Seeds of Deception

Government Lies About The Safety of Genetically Engineered Food

Seeds of Deception

By Jeffrey M. Smith, Author, Genetic Roulette

It's important for everybody to read Jeffrey Smith's book about the safety of genetically engineered food, but it's critical for Americans. Because this country is the most ignorant & complacent, it's at the greatest risk from GMO foods.

Seeds of Deception should be required reading in every classroom in the nation. But it's not, and it won't be. Why?

Because it tells the truth which our government, in collusion with the biotech industry, and the media, has concealed for the last twenty years.

Unless we put a stop to it, we will continue to be subjects in a worldwide, illegal, dangerous scientific experiment, with endless and unpredictable negative effects.

In Seeds of Deception, on every page, you'll find clear evidence that genetically engineered food is unsafe, and that those responsible for protecting the public interest have deliberately concealed what they know, suppressed valid research, and lied their heads off about the safety & benefits of geneticalyy engineered food.

Labelling of genetically engineered food is not only not required, but is actively discouraged. The results, unless we can stop it, are already disastrous, in terms of human health, the environment, and life as we know it. As Jeffrey Smith makes alarmingly clear, Genetic Engineering is evil.

How wide-spread is genetically engineered food in the USA? Nearly all soy beans, corn, canola and cotton grown in North America are genetically engineered. They are used as feed for animals, and are found in almost all processed foods. Pollen from genetically engineered crops, carried on the wind sometimes thousands of miles, contaminates conventional and organically grown crops, making it very difficult to grow them.

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Monsanto, supported all the way up to the White House and the Supreme Court, has sued and won huge damages from farmers who have inadvertently planted genetically engineered seeds licensed by Monsanto. That threat makes it impossible for farmers to save seed for planting, effectively putting them out of business unless they grow only Monsanto genetically engineered crops.

All of this means that bio-diversity is in serious danger on many fronts from genetically engineered food.

The US government, supported by the World Trade Organization, is trying with all it's considerable might to bully the European Union into allowing genetically engineered crops to be grown and imported in their countries. In the end, it won't do any good, because Europeans know about genetic engineering, labelling is required, and they won't buy genetically engineered food.

It boggles my mind that a book as important as Seeds of Deception had to be self-published, that Jeffrey Smith had to spend over a year, and his considerable energy, intelligence and creativity travelling and speaking around the world, to promote it. And that it took so long to be available in major bookstores.

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Seeds of Deception is the scariest book I ever read, because it's true. Please read it, and make sure that everyone you know reads it. And then help give it a happier ending. Thank you, Jeffrey Smith!

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